Kim Le was awarded her doctorate in visual arts from Curtin University in Australia. As a scholar Kim's research focuses on East Asia, including Vietnamese, Chinese, Kampuchea, Laos, Thailand, Korean, and Japanese visual arts and their cultures. She regularly presents her research papers in London and USA which have been published by Common Ground. She currently is an Associate Editor for the Art Collection Common Ground Publisher. As a practitioner Kim Le focuses on the theme of issues in migration. Her artwork has been exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Vietnam, Sweden, Hungary and Belgium (1985-1992) and Australia (1995-continuing). She has received numerous Art Awards, First Prizes and Special Prizes for her exhibitions in Australia. Since 2000 Kim Le has been working as an art curator for adolescents involved in the Gifted and Talented Program for the Education Department of Western Australia. Kim Le is currently researching the history of Vietnam's three Kingdoms as reflected in their Arts.